About Me 

My beginning occurred into a family of five as the last child in Tehran, Iran. I grew up bilingual, speaking both Farsi and Azeri, since my parents both came from Azeri-speaking part of the country. My father owned a small grocery shop, where I spent most of my childhood leisure time. When I was not pilfering ice creams and chocolates, He taught me how to perform a simple small-business accounting and how to communicate with customers. My mother was simply a housewife, helping my siblings and I to study for spelling quizzes and basic math. She spent most of her time cooking, sewing, and preparing a warm, and welcoming house for the family. Among my siblings, my elder brother, a university professor, was the only one with a graduate degree. He was the main motivator of my second brother and I in pursuing computer science for our higher-level education. My second brother started his travel agency. My only sister got married after finishing her high school, and devoted most of her time raising my now 21 years old niece.

I got married to my beloved wife in 2013. We met each other at university of Illinois, where we both did our graduate study, although in two very different fields, science and art.